Friday, March 2, 2012

Dinner with the Smileys # 9: Joe Bennett

He sang God Bless America at Fenway.
He's a comedian.
He breaks out in song in the middle of class.

He is Ford's 5th grade teacher, Mr. Joe Bennett.

Look! Mr. Bennett is not wearing his signature red shoes!

Having a talk with Lindell. They both say "the-ah" instead of "there."

Joe got us with, "You know, today (Leap Day) actually is my birthday." (It wasn't.)

Official Red Sox ice cream!



Mr. Bennett is known for breaking out in song in the middle of class.

He writes his own songs about science, friendship, animals, dinosaurs and more.

Mom and Lindell: The rubber band always snaps back.

Hands that have played music for hundreds of Bangor students.

Until Leap Year 2016: Have a Whacky Week!